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Meet Gelding from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 5′ 10″, 190 lbs furry dad bear, 56, nullo bear, tattoos, shaved head, mustache, goatee.  Bottom for sex, versatile for FF and some other kink.  Single, with my own place, nudist outdoor space, pool, portable sling, & bondage bench.  Enjoy guys of all ages, sizes, smooth to furry beast, […]

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Silver Dragon

Meet Silver Dragon from Corvallis, Oregon. The February 2015 “Bear of the Month”. Born in 1970. I’m a 5’7″, 210 pound, top cub. Hairy chest, close-cropped hair. I am currently a Master’s student and will be pursuing my PhD in the fall. I have a BFA in Fiber Arts and enjoy knitting and spinning. I love […]

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Meet PaulFTL from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, The January 2015 “Bear of the Month”. Born in 1970, bearish guy in southeast Florida. Looking for friendship and/or hot encounters with big bears & chubby guys (preferably over 40-years-old). Primarily a top, and enjoy giving/receiving oral. Like cuddling and kissing as well. Very tactile. Interests range from vanilla to […]

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Meet Osolvan from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Born in 1977. One of my qualities is that I am the loyal type, with all of my partners! I will only please you! I will put all my efforts to make you feel special and loved. You can ask my husband and a few of my neighbors. […]

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Meet Tibby from Houma, Louisiana, 60 miles south west of New Orleans and born in 1956. I enjoy the company of big burly bears, my age or older, but tend to hang around with older men. Love to fish, eat, socialize with the local Bear Club in New Orleans. Sexually, I’m versatile but lean towards […]

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