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Meet Andynaked1965 from Watsontown, PA, the March 2015 “Bear of the Month”.

Born in 1965, happily partnered, love being naked, love hanging with hairy men for friendship or more. Email

Profile added March 1, 2015

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Meet BearCub79 from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Born in 1979.

Happy Bearcub here dating a wonderful man and looking to make friends or even chat with friends whom I haven’t talked to in ages. Please feel free to chat me up.  My interests are building anything with lego, movies, video games (anything except first person shooters), and eclectic music.

My sexual preferences are: versatile (meaning I top and bottom. I’m not one or the other), oral, nipple play, kissing, cuddling, and just laying next to a man. Email

Profiled Added March 19, 2014

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Meet BearDog from Coraopolis, PA. Born in 1968. The May 2013 “Bear of the Month”.

Average shy bear looking for friends and bear playmates. I love hairy husky chubs. I love to get sucked off and to suck. I’m looking to learn to top with the right guy. I like rock music,  cooking and eating, movies, popcorn and pizza. During the summer months I am always at the pool. I LOVE to swim and bask in the sun jamming to my head set.I”d absolutely love to have some hot bear come up to me at the pool and suck me off. Email

Profile updated May 1, 2013

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