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Meet Gerchub from Marburg, Germany. Born in 1959.

I am a chubby bear looking for chubby bears, superchubs, chubs, bears and mature men. Email


Profile Added September 25, 2013

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Meet MJason1961 from Halle, Germany, born in 1961.

One day without partners is a lost day, but with several it makes still fun for more. I am looking for a man or  couple for fun! I love music, internet, and travelling. Also I like cuddling, love anal and oral sex, daddies and bears of all types. I would enjoy some body hair, from a little to gorilla hairy. I am HIV negative ! Email

Profile updated  September 16, 2012

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Meet Cybear from Essen, Germany and born in 1968.

Like to know more about me? Drop me an email and ask!

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