Sam Steinhaus and Chris Wydeman

Sam Steinhaus and Chris Wydeman

In another hotel room, on a different floor, Sam Steinhaus and Chris Wydeman are making out. Decked out in cruising leather and denim, the hairy horny bastards take turns chewing and teasing nipples after making out. Bearded and tattooed Chris drops to his knees and when he releases Sam’s fat cock from within the confines of his leather jockstrap, Chris has no choice but to open his mouth wide and start sucking the thick slab of meat. Sam, who’s hairy all over, swallows Chris whole, making him moan. Leaving plenty of spit on Chris’s cock, or already pre-lubed, we don’t know which, bearded butch Sam presents his ass for Chris to take. The bald, still-capped Chris slides in with one fell swoop and bareback fucks Sam’s hungry hole. After a while, Chris gives up his own ass and takes quite a pounding from Sam and his big fat tool. The two continue flip fucking, further stretching out and stuffing their hairy holes. Chris blows his jizz all over Sam’s puffy ass lips, seeding the hairy fucker before sampling Sam’s copious load. 

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