Meet UrsusObesus from Newnan, Georgia the August 2013 “Bear of the Month”. Born in 1966.

355lb Bearchub 4 Chub/Bearchub. Recently widowed from my partner (Atldave) of 16+ years so just trying to get by right now, not looking for any LTR but just friends to talk to and have fun with.

A little bit about me… First and foremost I’m a big geek / video game player. I came of age in the late 70’s when the Sci Fi/Fantasy boom hit as well as the big video game boom and I’ve never let go of either. I still play D&D from time to time but I’m a huge MMORPG player mostly. I was also a huge coin op player back in the day then moved to consoles. I still have my Atari 2600, NES, Nintendo 64, Playstation, XBox and now Playstation 3. Interestingly enough, right now I’m actually playing a emulated server of the old MMO Ultima Online. The server is called UOForever and I’m having a really good time even though it is a very old MMORPG.

I also love movies and have a bit of a collection, not huge but a few hundred I believe as well as probably 300 or so CD’s of music. I enjoy again, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Comedies, Action, Drama etc.  I think the only genre of movie I don’t enjoy is horror, although when mixed with comedy, I tend to love um. Think “Shaun of the Dead” or “Zombieland”.

When it comes to men, I’ve always been a chaser since I can remember, even back when I was just a young kid, I always felt something special for chubby guys. Since coming out when I was 19 back in 1985, I have also found that not only do I find chubby/fat guys attractive, I am much more comfortable being fat myself. I have grown from 155lbs at 19 to 355lbs at 47 and much prefer being 355lbs. I usually prefer big/fat men with some type of facial hair, body hair isn’t that big of a deal for me. I like a nice big belly to play with and really enjoy when a nice big bear loves my belly as well. I’m fairly aggressive in bed, am very oral and can get into some kink as well, usually top. If any of this sounds interesting, drop me an email and lets chat. I also have an Xtube video channel with some vids of myself.


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