Meet RHPSbear from Orlando, Florida and born in 1980. In an open relationship.

I will get the stuff most people want to know out of the way first. I’m 6’2, 250, shaved/buzzed head, gotee or beard depending on the mood, hairy everywhere (although it’s lighter on the front side,) 6.5″ cut and 95% bottom. As for the things I get into: I’m a true mild to wild. I enjoy plain ole 1on1 to some hardcore raunch. I enjoy leather, w/s, groups, slings, and the list goes on, but none of that is ever a necessity. One thing I really enjoy is making videos and pictures during sex – -so if you’re into that as well, we should try and get together sometime.

As for my personal life, it’s pretty boring and simple. I have a partner of going on 5 years and we play together sometimes, but more often apart. I live in Orlando, but not too much into the Bear scene around town much anymore. I am a little burnt out from so many years working with the Bears of CFL and putting on Bear Bust. It’s time for a little break. Anyway, if you’d like to know more, send me an email – I may not get back right away, but I will.

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