Meet RedSpider from San Francisco, California, born in 1974. The July 2013 “Bear of the Month”.

Didn’t take long after I’d moved to the Bay Area before a friend introduced me to someone wonderful who has my same first name and birthday… Ray (July 3rd) aka 12Volt. It’s like meeting the person I’ve searched for since coming out. After years of trying to find someone to share the wicked path of perversion, mayhem and cookies, he’s been showing the road I knew I’d always call home.

My partner in crime and I are always looking for friends, fuckbuds, and a good boy to hold the videocamera and not talk back. Apply naked in person. Bring cookies.

I blog on the Stumbling Block ( blog a well as my own evil Tumblr site, redspiderbear. My phone number spells out ST. S0D0M if you make the o’s out of zeros, which is funny since I’m very well known to be a huge critic of the Christian tradition. I also run the Bible Studies From an Asshole blog on Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. Blasphemy is just another of my hobbies, you see.  I am HIV- but not poz-phobic.  know the risks, but I do want to play safe with everyone.

We can play separately but feel more secure together… my partner in crime protects me well. No headless people… if you can’t show your face on your profile, I can’t show respect. I’m Looking for Bears my age to older, tops or bottoms, though I tend to top… and my bottom doesn’t always work right. Must be bearded and have a pulse in bed. Want more than a mutual jerk. Why bother? I can do that at home. No closeted guys curious and just wanting to try it out. I’m an out, proud, loud, and too self-respecting guy for hiding like that. It takes personal work to get there, and you have to earn it. Can’t decide you don’t like guys and go back to being a denial queen bashing us with your straight buds you secretly lust after. We fight too hard for equality. Join that fight or go become a fucking priest. Love MST3K and wanna start a project like it soon. Work out now. Heavy metal loving Rob Zombie fan and lover of all things evil. Need corrupting? I’m your guy! Email 

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