Meet iFun from Brussels, Belgium and born in 1968.

Expatriate in Belgium. I am married to a man (18 years), but we can play apart (we have our own arrangement). So, not looking for boyfriend, husband or any sort of relationship on the side.

Primarily, I would like to expand my social circle in Belgium and meet some guys to go for a meal, a drink, shoot the breeze or even some other activities we may discover we have in common. Friends can be with or without benefits, depending on the person and whether we click or not in that respect.

For play, I tend to favor guys who are hairy and who also are circumcised – although exceptions have been known to be made, depending on the person and how we get on. No Skyping. No MSN and no Webcam sex. We have small kids in the house and, besides, I don’t like those means of communication all that much. Anything else you’d like to know, just say “hi” and ask. Email


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