Meet FaceFurFiend from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Born in 1979.

The elusive FaceFurFiend wanders the woods looking for Caucasian bearded men to befriend and possibly play with. It is natural for the Fiend to always be in search of a monogamous mate as he is a very jealous creature. You will mainly find FaceFurFiends among the 50+ crowd but will also be visible with friends of all ages, races and genders.

Being a versatile beast, Fiends like to be mutual in play but do not expect or require anything. FaceFurFiends always play safe and enjoy giving and receiving equally. Fiends are very romantic, passionate and caring creatures who have a big heart for those they love. They are not very kinky and conciser themselves to be quite vanilla and happy to be, however some toys are acceptable.

FaceFurFiends are not a fan of tattoos or piercings and shy away from smokers and drug users as a whole. They are disease free and always expect the same. They prefer uncut, furry men and something about furry hands drives them wild.

With roots in the entertainment and tech industries, The Fiend is a highly sophisticated creature with many interests and a variety of tastes in movies, TV, music and beer. FaceFurFiends are dog lovers and regularly train with their Mini Schnauzers in the sport of Canine Agility. Fiends are also fans of Roller Coasters and can be found on midways and theme parks around the world. FaceFurFiends are avid hockey fans and enjoy camping in the woods or by a lake, but also enjoy cuddling on a couch or in bed on a cold winters night.

FaceFurFiends are usually gentle in nature but when confronted with unpleasant or stressful situations, their fur can stand up and they can be temporarily unpleasant to be around. This is easily solved by passionate hugs, kisses, a backrub and some ice cream.

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