Meet Cubby24 from Jersey City, New Jersey. The December 2013 “Bear of the Month. Born in 1987.

Chubby, cubby, sub-bottom fellow who enjoys a variety of food, hobbies, and sex. Pretty much mostly bottom, but never mind catering to someone as part of a scene. Mild to wild, vanilla to heavy kink, I love it all.

Currently part of a triad, so while I’m not looking for anything long term, I certainly enjoy a good romp or session here and again. I tend to be an open book: if ya wanna know, just ask, and if you aren’t prepared for the answer, you shouldn’t have asked. So feel free to hit me up anytime. Living in Jersey City, right across the water from the Big Apple, where I work and spend a good portion of my week. Overall, I just enjoy being a friendly character, and a fun guy to be around. Email



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