Meet Bulldawg McHawley from Roswell, New Mexico and born in 1968. He is the June 2011 “Bear of the Month”.

My name is Bubba Harley. I go by several names, Bubba or Dave. I am 6’ft 1″, about 300 pounds, shaved head, moderately hairy (auburn), goateed, hazel eyes, and single. When it comes to bears, I like all! But if I had to narrow it down to what types and what I’m really looking for… I have a BIG LIST: teddybears, chubby bears, daddybears, grizzlybears, leather bears, brown and black bears, bubbas, bikers, truckers, stocky, fireplug, meat and potato, Blue Collar, oil field types, and at least Cubs. Like ’em rough ‘n ready. Kinks: I am into water sports, rimming, cigar, whiskey, oil and mud wrestling, spanking and more. Email


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