Meet BarnBear from Durham, North Carolina, the December 2012 “Bear of the Month“.

Born in 1953, I am just a seasoned Daddy Bear living at the beach. I retired to Surf City, NC in March 2014.

I love trading pics and chatting with hot men. I am an ‘Equal Opportunity Grizzly Bear”. I host really hot naked sex parties here at my house all summer. I am a Top when it come to anal sex, but I am an oral pig by nature. I treat other people as I wish to be treated. This has worked well for me, as I have many very dear friends.

I am a lucky Bear. And yes, I do love sex, have it often, and love making videos of a hot cock shooting all over my face and tongue.. “I have seen some ugly guys, but I have never seen an ugly cock”…GRRRRRR! Email


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