Piggy Pals Parker and Milo


Piggy Pals Parker and Milo

Parker Hogg is a sexy pig daddy I discovered on a recent trip. He’s got a big thick cock and he loves to be versatile. I paired him up for his first video with a chubby bottom cub named Milo and just let them go for it.

The guys make out and Milo gets Parker out of his pants revealing his hard cock in his jock. Milo gets on his knees and swallows that already stiff cock good, sucking it a bit before presenting his ass to Parker. Parker sniffs it, pulls his underwear down and goes face first into that ass, licking and spitting on it and sliding a finger inside Milo’s hole.

They make out some more, Milo sniffs Parker’s pit and kisses him and then lays back as Parker slides his finger into Milo some more. Parker finger fucks him and the make out. Eventually Milo puts his ass in the air and Parker slides his raw daddy dick right up Milo’s cub hole and they start to fuck. Parker fucks Milo from behind, then on his back driving his cock deep. Then Parker bends Milo over the bed and pounds it home as he pulls Milo’s hair back and fucks him hard.

Milo takes a moment and climbs off that pole to suck Parker while he lays on the bed, tasting his horny hole on Parkers shaft, he then fingers Parker some while they look into each others eyes. “Fuck I want your cum”, Milo says. So Parker hops back up and dives back inside the cubs hole banging him even more.

Pulling out, Parker gets over Milo and Milo slides a finger up Parker’s ass and Parker blasts a big load of daddy cum all over Milo’s chest which he licks up and kisses Milo with. This sends Milo over the edge and he pumps out his own load of jizz which Parker also licks up and shares with him. OINK!

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