More Cushion for the Pushin’

More Cushion for the Pushin’

Eli is back and this time we introduced him to the sexy bulldog Bronx. Little did I know how hot they would be together when I paired them up. Both these dudes have sexy, hot chubby bodies that will turn you way on and have you dripping pre-cum in no time.

The guys make out and strip down, Bronx lays Eli on the bed and gets between his legs to suck his already stiff cock. he throats is good and makes Eli’s belly jiggle and bounce as he sucks him, then moving down to lick his hole and balls he get’s Eli’s legs in the air and we can see his whole chubby body being worshipped by Bronx.

Now both naked, Eli puts Bronx on the bed and goes down on him too, this is getting hot! You can tell Eli really wants Bronx hard as possible and up inside his chub hole cause he is sucking Bronx good! 

Bronx puts Eli on the bed, legs up and starts to fuck him raw. He turns him over and fucks him from behind as we see Bronx stiff bare dick penetrate Eli’s chub butt. Bronx pounds Eli’s butt and makes the bed shake. I have to admit I got pretty hard watching this.

Bronx keeps slamming Eli’s ham and pounds it good until he pulls out and sprays a hot load all over Eli’s butt.

It’s Eli’s turn to cum now and we get to see Bronx’s big beautiful butt in the air as he blows Eli on the bed. Sucking Eli good until he pumps out a thick load all over Bronx’s face which Bronx then quickly licks up. Wow. So hot! 

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