Cub Thumpin’

Cub Thumpin’ 

Who doesn’t love to watch a couple of cute faces cubs going at it? That’s exactly what Dusty and Dean deliver in this sexy scene! 

The cubs had just gotten to a huge bear event and were super horny after a day of travel. They strip down make out, and waste no time getting horny. Dean is the first to get Dusty’s dick in his mouth and start sucking it. Then the clothes come off and the guys keep going as Dusty sucks on Dean’s dick too. 

They swap head some more and then it’s time for Dusty to go in raw. He takes his bare cock and slides it up Dean’s ass as Dean sits on it. Riding away and moaning Dusty pumps his butt full of cock.

Dusty gets Dean from behind and pumps him some more, these cubs love to fuck. He flips Dean over with legs in the air and keeps fucking more, pumping himself inside Dean good.

Dean takes Dusty’s dick ass to mouth and cleans it off while getting Dusty ready to cum, and cum he does as he shoots thick white cum onto his belly. Now Dean’s turn Dusty helps him out as Dean pops his own wet load all over his chest and Dusty licks and sucks Dean’s sensitive cock as they are both covered in sticky cum. 

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