Chubby Cruising

Chubby Cruising

Rhino loves cruising for dick. He especially loves posting up by the park by his house. He happend to find Ray DeLuca coming in from his run. Ray was cooling down with some stretches and could feel eyes on his back, or should I say ass. Rhino is intently fucking Ray’s tight little ass with his eyes, and Ray turns around and starts rubbing his ass to signal to Rhino.

Next thing we know, they are back at Rhino’s place going at it in the living room. Ray is slurping down Rhino’s fat Latin meat. At the same time, Rhino is working his tongue deep up Ray’s ass tasting every bit of his hole and getting it nice and wet for a rough fuck.

Ray gets bent over the couch and Rhino works his thick piece of meat all the way up Ray’s ass. Ray has a little resistance at first, but eventually opens up and takes every damn inch. Ray rides Rhino’s horn all the way up and down. Rhino eventually gets Ray on his back and he starts to really stretching out Ray’s hot little hole. After enough momentum, Rhino can’t hold back and blasts his cum deep in Ray’s hungry little ass. Ray follows in kind while a nice sloppy load. Who said cruising died when Grindr came around?

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