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Please Sir, More!

Please Sir, More! Adam Lanz and Steve Sommers have fucked a bit before. Hell I have been to sex parties with both of them. I thought it would be good to get these two together in leather for some quality dad-son flip flop time in their gear. These 2 hold nothing back as they suck, […]

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Dickin’ Down Davien

Dickin’ Down Davien Davien is a sneaky fucker. He crashed the night before with my roommate. I just wanted to take my shower in peace. But this fucking guy decided to not only peep on me in the shower, but cope a feel too. I chased his ass down in the living room and pushed […]

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Dream Cum True: Hunter Flips With Colby Jansen

Dream Cum True: Hunter Flips With Colby Jansen It has been a fantasy of mine for years to meet Colby Jansen. He is such an inspiration to me and every scene I’ve seen him do, makes it 1000x better. When I started talking to friends of mine who lived in Vegas, they told me where […]

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Monster Cub

Little Red Riding Cock

Little Red Riding Cock Bennett Anthony was just trying to see his grandma while visiting in South Carolina over winter break. Unfortunately he didn’t have a car to get around. He was lucky enough to flag me down on the way to visit my own family. But before we went far, I asked him how […]

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Finally Alone

Finally Alone I love Lanz Adams to death, but sometimes the guy can’t take a hint. As was the case when Freddy Pines decided to come over and hook up one afternoon. I talked Lanz into going to get lunch, while I satiated my own appetite. As soon as Lanz leaves, I peel out of […]

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