Axel Bangs A Teddy

Axel Bangs A Teddy 

Axel Brandt is back and this time he brings with him a little buddy he’s known for a while but has never gotten the chance to play with. We are in luck because they have some pent up sexual chemistry and we get to watch it play out.

They make out and the clothes come off quickly. Teddy wastes no time getting Axel’s big cock in his mouth and actually gags on it at first. He gets used to it’s girth quickly though and slobbers all over Axel’s knob making it hard and wet while we watch.

Axel bends Teddy over the bed and gets his ass in the air.. fingers it and then dives right in eating Teddy’s hole and tongue fucking him hard. Damn that must feel amazing!

Now that Teddy is nice and wet and lubed up Axel stands up and slides his whole hog up Teddy’s ass bareback, just some spit for lube. Teddy fucks himself on Axel’s cock and the guys start banging hard. 

Moving positions Teddy sits reverse on Axel’s cock and rides him on the bed in a few creative positions before Axel gets Teddy’s legs in the air and just drives his big cock in deep, pounding Teddy into the bed as Teddy looks up at him with a smile and you can tell he’s loving every inch of that bare bear meat inside him.

Teddy sits on Axel’s chest and Axel sucks his cock while stroking off behind Teddy. What a sexy view we have to watch this as the guys enjoy each other until Axel can’t hold back and blasts a gigantic load all over Teddy’s back. It’s the biggest load we have ever seen Axel blow.

Teddy stands up over Axel and strokes his hard cock until he showers Axel with his own cub load that covers Axel’s chest and face.

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