Aaron Buck And Rob Hazelwood


Aaron Buck And Rob Hazelwood

Aaron and Rob have known each other for a while. They like to get together once in a while to fuck, so you could call them fuck buddies! Both are handsome bear cubs with nice cocks.

The guys make out on the bed, already in their underwear. After some kissing Aaron goes down on Rob, sucking his cock and kissing his thighs. He puts Rob’s legs in the air and eats out his cubby hole.

Rob returns the favor and gets Aaron on his back and his cock exposed and starts sucking. Aaron is stiff on no time and Rob’s oral skills are impressive. With Aaron at full attention Rob straddles him and slides down on his bare dick. He bounces on Aaron’s belly and cock for a while until Aaron flips them over and goes balls deep up Robs ass with him on his back, legs in the air taking it hard. Their bellies are bouncing as they both really enjoy the fucking action.

Aaron goes back down on Rob’s dick and sucks him more, they flip and Rob gives Aaron’s cock a good sucking, cleaning off the sweat from having it up his ass a moment ago.

The guys lay back and Rob pumps out a big thick load from his thick dick which sends Aaron over the edge and he shoots his own multiple shot load using Rob’s cum as lube to beat his cock to orgasm. HOT!

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